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See Vaccine Exemptions in Texas by School District

The heavily Democratic and rapidly growing Travis County doesn't have much in … [Read More...]

Four Cases for Educators to Watch in the New U.S. Supreme Court Term

In anticipation of the new U.S. Supreme Court term that opens on Monday, I had a … [Read More...]

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Grievance Policies May Need Revision After Recent Commissioner Ruling

An August decision by the Texas Commissioner of Education concerning employee grievances constitutes an about-face on a policy that will no doubt have district administrators dialing up their attorneys around the state. The issue concerns when the timeline for filing a formal grievance begins to … [Read More...]

Can Parents Homeschool Without School District Inquiry Or Supervision?

A Texas appeals court’s recent decision in a homeschooling case helps clarify a previously muddied aspect of the state Supreme Court’s opinion in Texas Education Agency v. Leeper.   We all know that parents have a right to educate their children at home. But does that mean that they are completely … [Read More...]

The Board and the Superintendent: Tact and Diplomacy Required

Two weeks before the school board election, the board gave the superintendent a pay raise and extended his contract to a full five years.  Then the board election happened, and everything changed.  Four new board members were elected, defeating incumbents decisively. Change was in the air. This … [Read More...]

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