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Can Parents Homeschool Without School District Inquiry Or Supervision?

A Texas appeals court’s recent decision in a homeschooling case helps clarify a previously muddied aspect of the state Supreme Court’s opinion in Texas Education Agency v. Leeper.   We all know that parents have a right to educate their children at home. But does that mean that they are completely … [Read More...]

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Appeals Court Finds No School District Liability In High-Profile Bullying Lawsuit

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals last week issued an extremely important decision in Estate of Montana Lance v. Lewisville ISD, a high-profile case that has received national media attention.  The … [Read More...]

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The Board and the Superintendent: Tact and Diplomacy Required

Two weeks before the school board election, the board gave the superintendent a pay raise and extended his contract to a full five years.  Then the board election happened, and everything changed.  Four new board members were elected, defeating incumbents decisively. Change was in the air. This … [Read More...]

Texas Attorney General’s Office Develops Human Trafficking Prevention Manual for Education Professionals

The Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force today convened in Austin at the Travis County Center for Child Protection to discuss the State’s collaborative efforts to combat human trafficking. Task Force Chairman Attorney General Abbott addressed the task force and issued the following … [Read More...]

What Does Recent Supreme Court Decision Mean For School Board Prayer?

“Protestants were more than 98 percent of the white population when the First Amendment was adopted,” writes law professor Douglas Laycock in a blog post lamenting the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Town of Greece, NY v. Galloway. “If a religious practice was controversial among Protestants, they … [Read More...]

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