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Welcome to the new Legal Digest Postscripts!  You don’t need to log-in or pay to read our new content. Our goal is still to provide you with a platform for extended conversation after our conferences adjourn.  Legal Digest has always kept school administrators up-to-date on the latest school law developments and will continue to do so.

TEA SPED Review, Personnel Under Fire

Two weeks ago, the Texas Education Agency came under scrutiny after firing its new Special Education Director, Laurie Kash. Now, the TEA is facing attacks by special education advocacy groups and parents who say that the agency's efforts to mine data regarding special...

US Supreme Court Declines Review on Special Education Cases

This week, the US Supreme Court elected to not review several pending cases involving issues of special education, teacher behavior, violent speech, and more, according to an article by Education Week. The highest-profile issue at hand was a case related to the...