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Welcome to the new Legal Digest Postscripts!  You don’t need to log-in or pay to read our new content. Our goal is still to provide you with a platform for extended conversation after our conferences adjourn.  Legal Digest has always kept school administrators up-to-date on the latest school law developments and will continue to do so.

Trial Court Holds Suit By Muslim Student Who Brought Homemade Clock To School Failed To State Viable Claims; Court Allows Opportunity To Restate Claims

A Dallas federal court on May 18, 2017, held that the student who was suspended for bringing a suspicious clock to school failed to state viable claims against the Irving Independent School District, Principal Daniel Cummings, and the City of Irving.   The case, A.M....

Texas lawmakers pass controversial ‘bathroom bill’

Note: As of Wednesday morning, the House version of the bill is back with the Senate, where lawmakers are fighting to resurrect their version of the bathroom bill (SB6), which would apply the restrictions on transgender bathroom usage to any public restroom in the...