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Celebrating more than three decades of service to Texas school administrators and educators, the Texas School Administrators’ Legal Digest (a.k.a. Legal Digest) is pleased to announce that the company has rebranded and will now be known as ED311.

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ED311 continues Legal Digest’s mission of producing quality legal professional development for educators with additional professional development opportunities in Restorative Practices, Response to Intervention, Ethics, SEL & more.

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Commissioner Issues Rules On Handling Unauthorized Persons On Campus

New Commissioner rules effective August 26, 2018, impact how school districts are required to handle unauthorized persons on campus.  In 2017, the Texas Legislature amended Texas Education Code § 37.105 to require that the Commissioner of Education adopt rules...

College District Employee Allowed To Proceed With Disability Discrimination & Retaliation Suit

After Christy Williams was terminated from her position at the Tarrant County College District (TCCD), she filed suit for discrimination, failure to accommodate, and retaliation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Texas Commission on Human Rights...

Policies Prohibiting Teacher And Student Protests Found Unconstitutional

This week, every public school in West Virginia was shut down due to a teacher’s strike. Teacher protests, such as the one in West Virginia, implicate First Amendment rights. When can a school district enforce restrictions on teacher and student speech in these...

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David Thompson Ethics Trainings

Respected educator, author, and speaker, Professor David P. Thompson uses interactive technology and real-life examples to discuss SB7, social media, anger management, the Educators Code of Ethics and many other topics that you can customize to suit your districts’ needs.

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