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FEB                     Lindsey Jones                                    Texas Charter Schools: Five Things You Should Know

MAR                    Thomas P. Brandt                             Render Unto Caesar: Candy Canes, Cheerleaders, And The Ten Lessons I Have Learned In Religious Liberty Litigation

APRIL                 Travis Ketner                                    Federal Criminal Statutes Every School District Needs To Know About

MAY                    Dr. David P. Thompson, Ph.D.     The “Brave New World” of Radio Frequency Identification In Schools

JUNE                   Jim Walsh                                            Dealing With The Disruptive Student Under The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act

JULY/AUG         Sarah Orman                                   2013 Legislative Update:  What You Need To Know Before The Next School Year Begins

SEPT                   Wayne D. Haglund                            Navigating The Unchartered Waters Of Procurement Of Contracts

OCT                     Robb Decker                                      Assault Leave 101 – What To Do When An Employee Requests Assault Leave

NOV/DEC           Jennifer A. Childress                   Cyberbullying:  Legal Developments And Trends In Student Use Of Social Media