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FEB                   Jennifer Childress                                        Making Tough Choices:
New Rules for Implementing Reductions in Force


MAR                  Jeana Lungwitz & Kevin Lungwitz          Help! Do I Have To Get Between Mom & Dad?


APRIL              Haley Turner                                                Spring Fever:  Avoiding Legal Traps That Arise
During Prom and Graduation


MAY                  Dr. David P. Thompson, Ph.D.                  Candy Canes, Pencils, and Tickets, Oh My!


JUNE                Lisa A. Brown                                              Accommodating School Employees With Disabilities Under the
Americans with Disabilities Act


JULY/AUG      Sarah Orman                                                Ready For The New School Year?


SEPT                 David Backus                                              Cheaters Never Prosper!  Understanding and Dealing With Testing
Irregularities in the World of High-Stakes Student Testing


OCT                  Joe Tanguma                                               Legal Issues That Arise With Student Off-Campus Use of Technology


NOV/DEC        Laura Rodriguez McLean                         Use of Physical Force:  Where Are We Now,
and What Does The Future Hold?