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In order to make the Texas School Administrators’ Legal Digest more useful to administrators and attorneys as a resource for researching and answering legal questions, the following subject matter index is provided.  The index covers the ten issues of the Legal Digest that were published in 2013.  Following the subject matter index is an alphabetical table of the cases summarized and a table of the nine feature articles published in the 2013 issues of the Digest.

Each citation in the subject matter index refers to (1) the month an issue of the Digest was published and (2) the page in that issue containing a discussion of the subject.

Example:  Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act:  Feb-20, May-4, May-14, Sept-13

The example indicates that the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act was addressed four times in the 2013 issues of the Digest.  The May citations are boldfaced in the index to indicate that the topic was discussed in one of the Digest’s feature articles, beginning on pages 4 and 14 of the May issue.  In this instance, the citation is to the article, The “Brave New World” of Radio Frequency Identification in Schools.  In addition, the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act was discussed in opinions, reported on page 20 of the February issue and page 13 of the September issue.



Administrative Hearings (see also Commissioner of Education, Teacher Contracts, and Trustees)

assault leave:  Sept-9, Oct-2, Nov/Dec-10

evidence admissibility:  Nov/Dec-10

     findings of fact/conclusions of law/recommendations:  Jan-12

hearing examiner misconduct:  April-9, Nov/Dec-20, Nov/Dec-21

witness credibility/misconduct:  Jan-12, Jan-13

Administrators (see also Employees, Teachers, and Teacher Contracts)

demotion:  Oct-6, Nov/Dec-11

reassignment:  Nov/Dec-11

reduction in force:  Sept-11, Oct-6, Nov/Dec-14

retaliation:  Feb-10, Feb-17, Sept-8, Oct-6, Oct-7, Oct-8, June-10, July/Aug-10, Oct-7, Oct-11

termination:  Feb-13, April-8, May-7, Oct-8, Oct-10, Oct-11

Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA):  Jan-19, Feb-9, March-7, July/Aug-10, Sept-6, Sept-7, Sept-12, Sept-14

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):  Jan-18, Feb-15, Feb-17, March-11, April-10, May-8, May-9, May-11, July/Aug-15, July/Aug-16, July/Aug-18, July/Aug-19, July/Aug-22, Sept-14, Sept-16, Nov/Dec-3

Charter Schools:  Feb-1, July/Aug-21

Commissioner of Education

briefing:  Oct-13

collateral estoppel/res judicata:  March-7, Sept-9

exhaustion of administrative remedies:  Jan-12, Jan-13, Jan-15, Jan-20, Feb-11, Feb-15, Feb-16, April-8, July/Aug-14, Sept-13, Nov/Dec-14

good cause:  Feb-13, Feb-14, April-7, April-9

jurisdiction:  Jan-20, Feb-10, Feb-15, Feb-16, July/Aug-14, July/Aug-15, Sept-13, Nov/Dec-15, Nov/Dec-16, Nov/Dec-20

local record:  June-11, Nov/Dec-10

substantial evidence:  Jan-12, Jan-13, Jan-14, Jan-15, Feb-11, Feb-12, Feb-13, Feb-14, Sept-10, Sept-11, Oct-13

timeliness of filing:  Feb-16, July/Aug-14

CSCOPE:  July/Aug-4

Defense of Marriage Act:  July/Aug-18


age:  Jan-19, Feb-9, March-7, July/Aug-10, Sept-6, Sept-7, Sept-12, Sept-14

disability:  Jan-18, Feb-15, Feb-17, March-11, April-9, April-10, May-8, May-9, June-13, July/Aug-16, Sept-14, Nov/Dec-15

EEOC/TCHRA/OCR claims:  Jan-14, Feb-9, March-7, March-12, May-8, June-8, June-9, June-10, June-12, July/Aug-8, July/Aug-10, Sept-6, Sept-7, Sept-12, June-10, July/Aug-10, Oct-7, Oct-9, Oct-10, Nov/Dec-8, Nov/Dec-9

hostile work environment:  May-8, June-10, July/Aug-8, Sept-14, Sept-15, Oct-8, Oct-9, Nov/Dec-8

race/color/national origin:  Jan-11, Feb-8, Feb-9, March-6, March-8, April-9, June-9, June-10, June-12, July/Aug-8, July/Aug-10, July/Aug-11, July/Aug-17, Sept-11, Sept-12, Oct-8, Oct-9, Oct-13, Nov/Dec-8, Nov/Dec-9

religion:  Feb-19, March-2, April-9, June-7, June-8, June-16, July/Aug-22, Sept-11, Sept-12, Sept-13

sex/gender/sexual harassment:  Jan-11, April-9, June-9, June-12, July/Aug-10, Oct-6, Oct-7

Eighth Amendment:  Sept-11

Employees (see also Administrators, Teachers, and Teacher Contracts)

at-will:  Sept-6, Sept-7

compensation:  Jan-12, Feb-15, Oct-3, Oct-6, Nov/Dec-11

constructive discharge: June-10, July/Aug-10, Oct-7, Oct-9

criminal charges:  April-2

defamation:  May-7

disability:  Jan-18, Feb-15, Feb-17, March-11, April-10, May-8, May-9, May-11, July/Aug-15, July/Aug-16, July/Aug-18, July/Aug-19, July/Aug-22, Sept-14, Sept-16, Nov/Dec-3

discrimination (see Discrimination)

     domestic partnerships:  June-7

     due process:  Jan-11, May-7, July/Aug-11, July/Aug-16, Oct-10, Oct-11

equal protection:  July/Aug-11, July/Aug-12, Oct-8, Oct-10, Oct-11

intentional infliction of emotional distress:  Jan-17, July/Aug-16, Sept-11

leave:  Feb-9, July/Aug-12, July/Aug-15, Sept-10

liability/immunity (see Liability/Immunity)

overtime:  Oct-6

professional capacity:  Jan-12, Feb-13, Nov/Dec-11

program change:  Jan-13

promote, failure to:  Feb-8, March-7

reassignment:  Nov/Dec-11

reduction in force:  Jan-13, Jan-14, June-11, Sept-11, Oct-6, Oct-13

reinstatement:  Feb-9

resignation:  June-12, July/Aug-10, Sept-12, Sept-13, Oct-6, Oct-9

retaliation:  Jan-11, Jan-14, April-7, April-8, May-8, June-11, June-12, July/Aug-9, Sept-7, Sept-11, Sept-14, Oct-6, Oct-7, Oct-9, Oct-10, Oct-11, Nov/Dec-8, Nov/Dec-9, Nov/Dec-13

termination:  Jan-16, Feb-9, Feb-14, Feb-16, March-6, March-7, April-7, April-8, May-7, May-8, June-10, June-12, July/Aug-10, July/Aug-14, Sept-6, Sept-8, Sept-10, Oct-6, Oct-8, Oct-10

Equal Pay Act (EPA):  Oct-7

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA):  Oct-7

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA):  Jan-17, Feb-9, Feb-17, March-6, June-12, Sept-14

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA):  May-3, July/Aug-5

First Amendment

     freedom of speech:  Feb-20, March-2, May-4, June-16, July/Aug-11, Sept-14, Oct-6, Nov/Dec-4, Nov/Dec-13, Nov/Dec-21

freedom of association:  July/Aug-11, July/Aug-12

freedom of religion:  Feb-20, March-2, May-4, June-7, June-8, July/Aug-22, July/Aug-23, Sept-13

     retaliation:  Sept-14, Oct-6, Nov/Dec-13

Fourteenth Amendment:  Feb-20, March-10, March-11, May-4, May-13, June-13, July/Aug-12, July/Aug-13, July/Aug-16, July/Aug-17, July/Aug-18, Sept-11, Sept-17

Fourth Amendment: May-13, July/Aug-12, July/Aug-13, Sept-11


     assault leave hearing:  Oct-2, Nov/Dec-10

     exhaustion of administrative remedies:  Feb-15, July/Aug-14

procedure:  July/Aug-20, July/Aug-14, Sept-10, Sept-13, Nov/Dec-10

retaliation:  Sept-11, Sept-14, Oct-8, Nov/Dec-8, Nov/Dec-9, Nov/Dec-13, Nov/Dec-14

Hobbs Act:  April-3

Immunity from suit (see Liability/Immunity)

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (see Special Education):  June-2, June-13, June-14, July/Aug-16, July/Aug-19

Judicial Review

damages/remedies/attorney’s fees:  Jan-16, Jan-19, Feb-8, Feb-9, Sept-8, Sept-16

dismissal of claim:  Jan-11, Jan-18, Jan-19, Jan-22, April-9, June-9, June-13, Sept-11, Sept-14, Sept-17, Oct-12

exhaustion of administrative remedies:  Jan-19, April-10, June-13, July/Aug-15, July/Aug-16, Sept-11, Sept-12, Oct-9, Oct-11, Oct-13, Nov/Dec-14

frivolous claims:  Jan-19, Feb-9

injunction:  May-4

jurisdiction:  Jan-21, Feb-10, July/Aug-13, Sept-11, Sept-12, Nov/Dec-7

sanctions: Jan-19

settlement:  Jan-19, Oct-10

statute of limitations:  Feb-11, July/Aug-16

temporary restraining order:  March-2, June-16

Liability/immunity (see also Section 1983 and Tort Claims Act)

federal qualified immunity of school officials/employees:  Jan-18, Jan-19, March-4, March-8, March-10, March-11, July/Aug-12, July/Aug-18, Oct-12, Nov/Dec-13

sovereign or governmental immunity of school districts/universities:  Jan-17, March-9, May-9, July/Aug-13, Sept-8, Sept-12, Sept-14, Sept-16, Oct-11, Nov/Dec-7

state law official immunity for school officials/employees:  Jan-19

state statutory immunity for

professional employees acting in the scope of duties:  May-12, Oct-17, Nov/Dec-12, Nov/Dec-13

tort liability (see Tort Claims Act)

No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB):  July/Aug-2

Open Meetings Act:  Feb-8, April-7, May-7, July/Aug-4, Nov/Dec-6, Nov/Dec-10


     retaliation:  Nov/Dec-14

special education matters (see Special Education)

Principals (see Administrators)

Property Taxes (see Taxation)

Protection of Texas Children Act:  July/Aug-22

Public Information Act:  July/Aug-5, July/Aug-20

Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO): March-9, April-3

Religion:  Feb- 19, Feb-20, March-2, June-7, June-8, July/Aug-22

School Boards (see Trustees)

School Buildings and Property

     construction contracts:  July/Aug-13, Sept-2

procurement procedures:  March-6, July/Aug-22, Sept-2, Nov/Dec-6

     dispute resolution:  March-11

construction contract dispute:  March-11, July/Aug-13, Sept-2

property taxes (see Taxation)

School Districts (see also School Buildings and Property)

breach of contract claim:  July/Aug-13

competitive bidding:  March-6, Sept-3, Nov/Dec-6

compulsory attendance:  Sept-17

contract claims:  Feb-10, March-9, March-11, Sept-2

corporal punishment:  Jan-13

discrimination (see Discrimination)

policies:  Jan-12, Nov/Dec-23

prayer/religion at school:  Feb-19,  Feb-20, March-2, July/Aug-22                                         

property taxes (see Taxation)

sovereign immunity (see Liability/Immunity)

student discipline:  Jan-13

student transfers:  Nov/Dec-20

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973:  Jan-18, Feb-15, March-11, March-12, April-10, May-11, June-13, June-15, July/Aug-15, July/Aug-16, July/Aug-18, Sept-14, Sept-16, Nov/Dec-3, Nov/Dec-18

Section 1981:  June-10

Section 1983

clearly established right:  Jan-18, Jan-19, March-8, July/Aug-12, July-Aug-13, Oct-12, Nov/Dec-13

custom/policy:  Jan-18, March-9, May-13, July/Aug-12, Nov/Dec-14

deliberate indifference:  Jan-18, Feb-15, March-9, May-13, July/Aug-18, Oct-16, Nov/Dec-3

failure to train:  May-13, July/Aug-18, Oct-16

final policymaking authority:  May-13

private actor:  Feb-15

qualified immunity (see Liability/Immunity)

special relationship/duty to protect:  Feb-15, March-10, Sept-17

“state-created danger”:  Jan-17, Feb-15, March-10

Special Education

     ADD/ADHD:  March-13, March-14, March-15, April-11, May-12, June-13, Sept-15, Oct-14, Oct-15, Nov/Dec-17, Nov/Dec-18, Nov/Dec-19

Admission, Review, Dismissal(ARD) committees/meetings

participation:  Jan-20, Feb-16, Feb-18, March-12, March-15, March-16, June-14, June-16

transition ARD:  July/Aug-19

aides/paraprofessional support:  Feb-18

assault on teacher:  July/Aug-15


appropriateness/validity:  Feb-18, March-15, April-12, May-11, June-14, Sept-15, Oct-14, Nov/Dec-17

consent/cooperation:  Jan-20, Feb-16, Feb-18, March-12, March-16, June-14

full and individual evaluation (FIE): March-13, March-14, April-11, May-11, June-15, Oct-15, Nov/Dec-18

independent educational evaluation (IEE):  March-12, March-13, March-14, March-15, April-11, April-12, April-13, May-12, June-14, June-15, Sept-15, Oct-14, Oct-15, Nov/Dec-17

need for:  March-13, March-16, April-12, June-14, June-15, Sept-15, Nov/Dec-17

timeliness:  Feb-16, March-12, March-13, March-15, June-15, July/Aug-19

assistive technology device:  Feb-16

behavioral intervention plan (BIP):  Feb-16, March-13, March-14, April-11, April-13, May-11, June-4, June-14, June-15, Oct-14, Nov/Dec-18

bullying:  March-13, June-13, June-15, July/Aug-15, July/Aug-16

child find requirements:  March-14, March-15, April-11, June-13

compensatory education/services:  March-12, June-15, Nov/Dec-18


Asperger’s Disorder:  April-12, July/Aug-16, Oct-14

auditory impairment:  Nov/Dec-19

autism:  Feb-16, Feb-18, Feb-19, March-11, March-13, March-15, April-13, May-11, June-14, June-15, Sept-15, Oct-14, Nov/Dec-17, Nov/Dec-19

bipolar disorder:  Sept-15, Oct-14

cerebral palsy:  Sept-16

depressive disorder:  June-15

Down’s Syndrome:  Feb-18, Sept-16

dyslexia:  April-12, July/Aug-19

emotional disturbance:  Jan-20, Jan-21, March-13, April-11, April-12, June-2, June-14, June-15, Sept-15, Oct-15, Nov/Dec-19

hearing impairment:  April-10, Oct-14

intellectual disability:  Feb-18, June-15, Sept-16

learning disability:   March-13, May-11, June-15, Oct-14

mental retardation:  April-10, June-2, July/Aug-15

obsessive compulsive disorder:  March-12

oppositional defiance disorder (ODD):  March-14, Nov/Dec-19

orthopedic impairment:  March-14

other health impaired:  March-12, March-13, March-14, March-15, April-11, June-14, Oct-15, Nov/Dec-17, Nov/Dec-18, Nov/Dec-19

speech impairment:  Feb-16, Feb-18, March-11, March-12, March-13, March-14, April-13, May-11, July/Aug-15, Sept-16, Oct-14, Nov/Dec-17, Nov/Dec-19

educational benefit/progress:   Jan-20, Feb-18, Feb-19, March-12, March-15, April-11, April-12, May-12, June-14, Sept-15, Sept-16, Oct-15, Nov/Dec-17, Nov/Dec-18, Nov/Dec-19

extended school year services (ESYS):  Feb-18, Oct-14, Nov/Dec-19

free appropriate public education (FAPE):  June-13, June-15, Nov/Dec-17

functional behavioral assessment:  Feb-16, Feb-19, March-13, March-15, April-13, May-12, June-14, Oct-14, Oct-15, Nov/Dec-18, Nov/Dec-19

hearing officer/judicial review

advocates:  July/Aug-19

attorney fees:  May-10, May-11, Sept-16

prevailing party:  May-11

procedural violations:  June-16, Sept-15, Nov/Dec-20

statute of limitations:  March-16, April-12, Sept-15, Oct-14, Nov/Dec-20

identification/eligibility:  March-12, April-11, May-11, Sept-15, Nov/Dec-17

individualized education plan (IEP)

appropriateness:  Jan-21, Feb-16, Feb-17, Feb-18, Feb-19, April-13, Sept-15, Nov/Dec-17, Nov/Dec-18

development of/need for: Jan-21, Feb-16, Feb-17, Feb-18, Feb-19, April-13, Sept-15, Nov/Dec-17

goals and objectives:   March-13, June-15, June-16

implementation of:  Feb-19, March-11, March-12, March-15, Sept-15, Oct-14, Nov/Dec-17

injury to student:  Nov/Dec-19

least restrictive environment (LRE) (see placement)

notice of refusal:  March-16, June-14, Oct-14

one-on-one instruction:  Jan-21, Feb-18, March-14, April-14, June-15, Oct-15

parents (see also ARD committees/meetings)

cause of delay:  Feb-16, March-12, Sept-15

consent: March-12, March-16, June-13, Nov/Dec-17

participation/cooperation/communication:  Jan-20, Feb-16, Feb-18, March-12, March-15, March-16, June-14, June-16, Sept-15, Sept-16, Oct-14, Oct-16

training:  Feb-19, Oct-14, Oct-16


change in:  March-14, June-2, June-3, June-4, June-14, June-15, Sept-15, Oct-14

disciplinary:  Jan-20, Feb-19, March-13, March-15, April-11, June-2, June-4, June-14, Oct-15

homebound/home school:  Sept-15

least restrictive environment (LRE):  Jan-21, Feb-18, March-12, March-13, Sept-15, Sept-16, Oct-15

private placement/services:   Jan-20, March-12, March-16, Jan-21, Feb-16, Feb-17, Feb-18, Feb-19, April-13, May-11, June-2, Sept-15, Oct-14, Nov/Dec-18, Nov/Dec-19

regular education:   Feb-18, March-13, March-15, Sept-15, Sept-16, Oct-15, Nov/Dec-17, Nov/Dec-18

residential:  March-12, March-13, Oct-14, Oct-15, Nov/Dec-18

stay put rule:  June-3

reimbursement:   Jan-20, March-12, March-16, April-14, May-11, May-12, Oct-14, Nov/Dec-18, Nov/Dec-19

response to intervention (RtI): March-15, April-12

restraint:  Nov/Dec-19

Section 504 (see Section 504)

State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR):  July/Aug-3, Oct-16


absences:  July/Aug-6

anti-bullying statutes:  Nov/Dec-3

arrest:  April-14, Nov/Dec-2

     assault by private third-party:  Feb-14

     assault on teacher:  Jan-16, April-14, July/Aug-16, Sept-9, Oct-2

bullying:  Jan-18, May-10, June-13, July/Aug-15, July/Aug-16, Sept-16, Nov/Dec-2

corporal punishment:  Jan-13

criminal charges:  April-14, July/Aug-5, Oct-3

death:  March-10, Oct-16, Nov/Dec-2

disabilities (see Special Education and Section 504)

discipline:  Jan-13, Jan-21, March-8, July/Aug-5, Nov/Dec-12, Nov/Dec-21

discrimination:  March-8, June-13, July/Aug-15, July/Aug-16, July/Aug-17, Sept-16, Sept-17, Oct-12, Nov/Dec-3

due process:  Jan-17, Jan-22, Feb-14, Feb-20, March-10, May-4, Sept-17

equal protection:  Jan-18, Feb-20, May-14, Sept-17, Oct-12

excessive force against:  Jan-13, Jan-16, Feb-11, April-9, May-12, May-13, Oct-16, Nov/Dec-12, Nov/Dec-13

expulsion:  June-2

freedom of speech (see First Amendment)

injury to:  May-10, Sept-16, Oct-16, Nov/Dec-13

     Internet use:  Nov/Dec-2, Nov/Dec-21

Limited English Proficient(LEP):

privacy:  July/Aug-12

religion:  Feb-19, Feb-20, March-2, June-16, July/Aug-22

retaliation:  Jan-21

right to bodily integrity:  Feb-14, March-10, May-12, May-13, July/Aug-18

right to public education:  April-14

safety:  June-2, July/Aug-22

sexual assault/harassment:  Feb-14, April-10, July/Aug-15, Nov/Dec-3

threat to school:  Nov/Dec-4

transfers:  Nov/Dec-20

Superintendents (see Administrators)


     property taxes:  Jan-11

Teacher Contracts (see also Administrators, Teachers, and Administrative Hearings)

Chapter 21 contract:  Sept-12

constructive discharge:  June-10, July/Aug-10, Oct-7, Oct-9

definition of teacher/educator:  Feb-10, Feb-14

nonrenewal:  Jan-12, Jan-13, Jan-14, Jan-15, Feb-11, Feb-12, Feb-13, May-7, July/Aug-24, July/Aug-15, Sept-10, Sept-11, Oct-6, Oct-13, Nov/Dec-8, Nov/Dec-12

notice of contract action:  Feb-12, Feb-13, June-12, Sept-13

probationary:  Jan-16, Feb-14, Feb-15, March-6, Sept-13

reassignment:  Feb-13

resignation:  Sept-12, Sept-13

salary/compensation/stipend:  Jan-12, Feb-15, Oct-3, Nov/Dec-11

teaching permit/emergency permit:  Feb-14

termination:  Jan-12, Jan-16, Feb-15, April-9, Sept-10, Sept-13

Teachers (see also Administrators, Employees, and Teacher Contracts)

appraisal:  July/Aug-20, Nov/Dec-9

assault leave:  Sept-9, Oct-2, Nov/Dec-10

assault on:  Jan-16, Sept-9, Oct-2

certification issues:  July/Aug-20

compensation:  Jan-12, July/Aug-20, Nov/Dec-11

corporal punishment:  Jan-12

criminal conduct:  April-2, May-13

definition of:  Feb-10, Feb-14

grievances (see Grievances)

     growth plan:  Feb-11, Nov/Dec-8, Nov/Dec-9

     intentional infliction of emotional distress:  Jan-17

leave:  July/Aug-12, Sept-10

liability/immunity (see Liability/Immunity and Section 1983)

Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS):

program change:  Jan-13

reduction in force:  Jan-12, Jan-14, June-11, Sept-11, Oct-6, Oct-13

reinstatement:  Jan-16, Feb-9, Sept-8

retaliation:  Jan-11, Jan-15, Feb-17, Oct-9, Oct-10, Nov/Dec-8

retirement:  Feb-11

Teacher In Need of Assistance (TINA):  Nov/Dec-10

teaching permit/emergency permit:  Feb-14

tort claims:  Jan-19

use of force against student:  Jan-12, Jan-16, Feb-11, April-9, Nov/Dec-12, Nov/Dec-13

Tenth Amendment:  July/Aug-8

Texas Commission on Human Rights Act (TCHRA):  May-7, June-9, June-12, Oct-9, Oct-13, Nov/Dec-15

Texas Constitution: Jan-11, June-7, Sept-12, Oct-11, Nov/Dec-6

Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act:  Feb-20, May-4, May-14, Sept-13

Texas Workforce Commission: Jan-16, Oct-13, Nov/Dec-14

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964:  March-8, Oct-12, Nov/Dec-3

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964:  Jan-11, Jan-19, Feb-9, Feb-17, March-7, March-8, April-9, June-8, June-9, June-10, June-12, July/Aug-8, July/Aug-9, July/Aug-10, Sept-7, Sept-12, Sept-14, Oct-6, Oct-8, Nov/Dec-9

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972:   Jan-18, Feb-15    , April-10, June-13, July/Aug-15, Nov/Dec-3

Tort Claims Act:   Jan-17, Jan-19, May-9, Sept-16, Oct-11

Travel Act:  April-3

Trustees (see also Administrative Hearings and Open Meetings Act)

action on teacher contracts/hearing officer recommendations:   Sept-11

bias:  May-7, Sept-11

elections:  April-6, May-6, June-6, July/Aug-5, Sept-6

liability/immunity (see Liability/Immunity and Section 1983)

removal:  July/Aug-5

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA):  May-8 

Universities/Jr. Colleges

employees (see Employees)

fees:  March-6

negligence:  May-9

retaliation against employees:    Nov/Dec-7

sovereign immunity (see Liability/Immunity)

termination:  April-7, June-9

Voting Rights Act:  July/Aug-8, Sept-6

Whistleblower Act:  Feb-10, March-7, April-7, May-7, June-12, Sept-8, Oct-10, Oct-11, Nov/Dec-7