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The Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) today issued guidance to charter schools regarding federal civil rights laws and regulations that apply equally to all public schools. Included in the Dear Colleague Letter is an overview of Title Vothe Civil Rights Act o1964 (prohibiting discriminatiobaseon racecolor, or national origin); Title IX of the Education Amendments of1972 (prohibiting discriminatiobased on sex); and Sectio504 othe Rehabilitation Act o1973 and Title II othe Americans witDisabilities Act of 1990 (prohibiting discriminatiobased on disability).

According to OCR, it is essential that charter school officials and stafbe knowledgeable about these federal statutes. These laws extento all operations of a charter school, including recruiting,admissions, academics, educational services and testing, school climate (including prevention oharassment), disciplinary measures (including suspensions and expulsions), athletics anothernonacademic anextracurricular services and activities, and accessible buildings antechnology.

To read the full Dear Colleague Letter, click here:


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