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North Shore Senior High School in Galena Park, east of Houston, has issued an apology after it altered a photo of Homecoming Queen Ebony Smith to depict her purple hair as brown.

The school has a policy against students wearing “inappropriate hair color”, and purple is listed in the Student Handbook as one color that is not acceptable. Despite this, Smith wore purple hair to homecoming. When the school posted a congratulatory photo of Smith and Homecoming King Kasson Abdullah accepting their crowns at the ceremony, Smith is shown with brown hair.

Speaking to local TV station KHOU, Smith said, “It’s embarrassing. It wasn’t even Photoshopped correctly. You can still see purple outlining. It’s just very embarrassing.”

The school has since issued an apology and replaced the photo with a black and white version.

See the photos and more coverage in the Austin American-Statesman.

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