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Legal Digest Postscripts

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Welcome to the new Legal Digest Postscripts!  You don’t need to log-in or pay to read our new content. Our goal is still to provide you with a platform for extended conversation after our conferences adjourn.  Legal Digest has always kept school administrators up-to-date on the latest school law developments and will continue to do so.

TEA Issues Police Interaction Curriculum

This month, the Texas Education Agency issued a new curriculum to high school students providing guidance on how to properly interact with law enforcement during traffic stops. The curriculum includes a 16 minute video (below) and a guidebook. It is a result of the...

TEA Names Justin Porter to Special Education Director

In late August, Texas Education Agency officials tapped Justin Porter, formerly the TEA's executive director of special populations, to serve as the agency's new statewide director of special education. Porter will be the first person to hold this position within TEA...