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Restorative Discipline Practices: A Journey in Implementation by a Community of Texas Educators

by Dr. Gaye Lang, Dr. Danita Bailey, Robert Rico, Kevin Curtis, Sherwynn Patton, Daniel Martinez, Jennifer Karydas, & Eloise Sepeda

Restorative Discipline Practices are a process of building community and individual relationships in schools to proactively deal with behavioral issues.  The process focuses on the use of community groups, or circles, that give all participants a voice.  Restorative Discipline can be used, not only as a new way to manage discipline in schools, but also to educate and empower whole students.

This book will provide anecdotes and process stories by authors from diverse backgrounds including: classroom teachers, school administrators, campus coordinators, juvenile justice officials, community leaders and university professors. It will be an inspiration and reference for educators as they begin or continue to implement Restorative Discipline Practices in the schools.

Foreword by Jim Walsh, Walsh Gallegos Trevino Russo and Kyle PC

Afterword by Rod Paige, Former United States Secretary of Education

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Photo by COD Newsroom via Flickr

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