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This month’s recipient of Postscripts Fresh Ideas recognition goes to the rural west Texas school district, Olfen ISD, for its bold transition to a four-day school week, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.  The change was made possible by a new law passed last year. House Bill 2610 amended Texas Education Code § 25.081, by eliminating the requirement that a school year amount to 180 days of instruction.  Now, the law requires districts to provide at least 75,600 minutes of instruction, including intermissions and recess.  The law provides districts with more flexibility in how they structure their instructional days and weeks.  Olfen ISD decided to leverage that flexibility by extending the school day by 25 minutes Monday through Thursday.  Fridays are optional for enrichment and tutoring, with staff in full attendance on Fridays.  According to the news report, Olfen ISD has approximately 70 students in pre-kinder through eighth grade, and eight teachers.  For more on the impact of House Bill 2610, the Texas Education Agency has published an FAQ, which you can access here.


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