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This month’s recipient of Postscripts Fresh Ideas recognition goes to Texas Adventure Scouts of the Lewisville ISD Special Education PTSA.  Texas Adventure Scouts is a group of families with kids with special needs and typical kids too.  They meet approximately once a month to do adventurous activities with their kids in the comfort and safety of being with other families with similar needs and challenges.  The events provide opportunities for friendship and activities that are typical of other scout groups, but with modifications to suit those with special needs.  Designed to be a whole-family experience, Texas Adventure Scouts welcomes parents, caregivers, and siblings to join in their planned adventures.  For more information, visit their website at:

Want to nominate a school district administrator, teacher, or program to highlight in next month’s Postscripts Fresh Ideas Section?  Fresh Ideas recognizes any school program or organization that brings about positive changes in curriculum, extra-curricular activities, or the school environment as a whole. Fill our the form below or email Legal Digest at


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