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The Longview News-Journal recently reported how Longview ISD responded to a parent’s bullying grievance by creating a comprehensive toolkit for schools to implement the district’s bullying policy. With the help of Walsh Anderson Attorney Haley Turner, the district created a plan for addressing bullying complaints and implementing discipline measures. The district recognized that the bullying policy did not need to be changed, but the implementation of it did. Longview ISD’s approach to addressing bullying is smart in a number of ways:

• The district analyzed data, broken down by campus and classrooms to identify problem areas;
• A discipline matrix addresses how to handle different types of behavior;
• A step-by-step guide for principals creates consistency throughout the district;
• A checklist gives administrators a framework to investigate and make decisions;
• The guidebook also provides discipline policies, form letters, and a stay-away agreement form.

The guidebook is just part of a larger plan that the district has to tackle the issue of bullying at the campus level. For more on Kilgore ISD’s bullying plan, read the story here:

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