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Spring Special Ed Law Conference Edition - Issue #3

The third of 3 issues devoted to current legal news for special ed directors and other school administrators

The Law and Effective Implementation of Time Out and Restraint in Schools


This article will review state law on restraint and offer resources for the implementation of proper restraint techniques on your campus.

Texas District Named Second Best in the Nation


ARP ISD receives accolades for its use of technology.

Teacher Empathy Improves Learning


ELEVATE - A special education legal conference for leaders

Paula Maddox Roalson of Walsh, Gallegos, Trevino, Russo & Kyle P.C. goes beyond the typical lecture presentation to engage in real conversations about hot legal topics, share inspiration to do your job, talk about time management and help you navigate the line between your role and that of your campus administrator.

Even More Spring Spec Ed Conference Q&A Continued…


A question from our evaluation forms on effective prior written notices is answered.



The Parent’s Conduct Interfered With the District’s Efforts to Provide the Student FAPE

  Student v. Killeen ISD, Dkt. No. 136-SE-0116 (Hearing Officer Tommy L. Broyles April 25, 2016).

A disagreement over the type of homebound services offered to a student as well as other claims leads to a hearing.

The Student’s Disciplinary Placement Was Proper; The Student Was Not Subjected To Bullying

  Student v. Allen ISD, Dkt. No. 166-SE-0216 (Hearing Officer Tommy L. Broyles April 13, 2016).

A student with multiple learning disabilities is disciplined and a parent claims it was improper and due to bullying.

The District Denied the Student FAPE; Student Entitled to 1:1 Tutoring and Dyslexia Program

  Student v. Riesel ISD, Dkt. No. 102-SE-1115 (Hearing Officer Mary Carolyn Carmichael, May 23, 2016).

A district failed to provide sufficient dyslexia services and meaningful benefit in special ed instruction and ultimately ordered to provide compensatory services.